2023 Agenda

*Schedule is tentative and is subject to change.

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Tentative Session List

  • The First Cell Therapy: Whole Blood Use in the Military and Civilian Sectors
  • Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine for Trauma and Critical Care
  • Lessons Learned from COVID-19: The Therapeutic Potential of Cellular Therapies and Blood Products
  • Novel Blood Products and Stem Cell Derived Blood Products
  • Blood Shortages and Adjunctive Therapies to Address the Shortages
  • Product Development for Threat X- session by BARDA
  • Stem Cell and Cellular Therapeutics for Neurotrauma and Polytrauma
  • One Health Driving Translational Development
  • Sustainability of Funding for Research and Development
  • Optimizing Clinical Trial Design to Support Advancement of Novel Therapies in Trauma and Critical Care
  • Challenges of Product Development and Commercialization in Cell Therapies and Novel Blood Products: the Similarities and Differences.

Presented by the University of California San Francisco Department of Laboratory Medicine

Presented by Colorado State University


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