MAY 4-7, 2025 | SCOTTSDALE, AZ

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Presented by the UCSF Department of Laboratory Medicine and UCSF Center for Research in Transfusion Medicine and Cellular Therapies

Co-hosted by Colorado State University and the Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine

This is the sixth in a series of conferences entitled “Cellular Therapies and Transfusion Medicine in Trauma and Critical Care Medicine” It is our belief that cellular therapies, adjuncts in resuscitation and novel blood products represent critical areas in transfusion medicine that have the potential to dramatically improve outcomes in trauma patients. Previous conferences have resulted in multiple cross-disciplinary collaborations and grants for pre-clinical studies and clinical trials.

Our mission is highly focused on supporting the development and translation of novel therapies in trauma and critical care medicine. The goal of our meeting is to bring together the expertise and input of blood bankers, cell therapy producers, clinicians, basic scientists, industry, FDA, NIH, AABB, DARPA, BARDA and DOD representatives to discuss current research and existing barriers in the translation of these novel therapies in trauma and critical care medicine, a field with limited therapeutic options and unlimited opportunities for advancement.

CTTACC 2025 Sessions

  • Military health session on prolonged casualty care with a focus on novel blood products, point-of-care devices, and regenerative cell therapy approaches.
  • Advancing the Field of Cell and Gene Editing: Beyond Applications in Cancer
  • Cellular Therapies and Transfusion Medicine in Chronic Critical Illness (SCI,TBI, Long COVID)
  • Cellular Therapies and Transfusion Medicine in Acute Trauma and Critical Illness (ARDS, AKI,)
  • Stem Cell-Derived Blood Products and Novel Blood Products
  • Plasma and Blood as a Discovery Platform for the Discovery of Novel Regenerative Factors
  • Key Topics in Trauma and Transfusion Medicine
  • Cell Therapies in Wound Healing, Orthopedic Injury and Burns
  • FDA and Regulatory Panel
  • Funding Agency Panel
  • Editors Panel of Key Journals

Cellular Therapies Topics

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Hemorrhagic Shock
Wound Healing
Orthopedic Injury
Organ Failure
Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)
Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)
Cell Processing and Product Development
Cardiovascular Disease

Novel Blood Product and Transfusion Topics

Whole Blood Transfusion
Hemorrhage Control
Adjunct to Resuscitation
Stem Cell Derived Blood Products
Dried Plasma and Platelets
Cold Stored Platelets
Platelet Extracellular Vesicles


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